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Caesarstone Quartz Blizzard: White, Bright, Alright!

Who designed this?!

The Crate & Barrel soap really makes the kitchen, no?

A return to my kitchen remodel rescue is more homely than writerly, but my quartz tops are anything but. (Houzz viewers agree!) And since the majority of you people find my blog through searches like “Caesarstone Blizzard,” “how to clean stains off Caesarstone,” and “Caesarstone and Barkeepers Friend” (not so much “writerly advice” or “brilliant writing tips”), I feel I owe it to the quartz-curious to update my views on the subject.

Now that we’ve lived in the kitchen for over a year, we’ve relaxed. We don’t freak over every sploych of salsa or plohrp of pasta sauce. Coffee cup rings and strawberry smudges that a year ago sent us into apoplexy now send us under the sink for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (which would be named Miracle Eraser had I been the writer on that branding team). One little rub, and dark rings and burgundy-colored “stains” disappear.

The tops are not indestructible (this is the planet earth, there is such a thing as physics). An edge got a tiny nick when the teenager accidentally whacked a plate against it (why the quartz didn’t best the porcelain is beyond me). When the Caesarstone rep came to repair it (did you see that? thanks to Man-on-a-Horse, the Caesarstone rep. appeared on my doorstep. to repair. a teeny-tiny gouge. caused by us), I learned that I was using the wrong cleaning product for a gloss-finish quartz.

The countertop installers recommended the abrasive Soft Scrub® and even wiped down my counters with it within moments of installing them—right in front of me. So you’d trust it to be a safe cleanser to use, right? I had also read online that Bar Keepers Friend® is good for quartz tops. According to the rep, though, these two products are only recommended for HONED quartz surfaces! Otherwise, on a glossy finish, only the GEL type of Soft Scrub® should be used, which chaps my hide because when I tried to scrub mineral scum from around my fixtures with those other products, I also scrubbed off the sheen. (You think the countertop company could/would polish it back to its original glossy shine?)

If  I had a do-over, would I choose a darker color or different material for my gorgeous new kitchen? NO! I love our bright, white Blizzard Caesarstone quartz counters. They’re durable, easy to maintain, and they cheer even gray days with their gleam.

Check out my gawgeous tops, BEFORE. And now, lived in:

our countertops on any Sunday

freshly-wiped quartz

12 thoughts on “Caesarstone Quartz Blizzard: White, Bright, Alright!

  1. I use ceramabryte, the same stuff for ceramic cooktops. Just a little on a paper towel and so far it’s been fine. It takes out all stains( coffee, tea, metal marks), and shines my stainless steel sink too. The gel Soft Scrub is very hard to find here in Vancouver.

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  3. how do i get pot rings off my “Blizzard White” Caesarstone?
    I guess they were left by a warm pot, but I’m very careful of putting hot pots and pans on the counter, so I’m not sure how it got there.
    I’ve also noticed where I;ve cleaned with the “Magic Eraser” and “Ceramabryte” the surface has lost some of it’s sheen.

  4. I just had a quartz countertop (Difiniti Pearl–solid bright white) installed. My fabricator first suggested a special ph balanced spray that the natural stone store sells. When that did nothing, they suggested the Magic eraser, but I think it only works on a few types of marks. If you put a cold stainless steel pot on the counter and move it, you have a mark that won’t come off with
    the eraser, (newspaper print does not either.) I’ve tried soft scrub gel which doesn’t do much either. Another suggestion was chlorox
    clean-up spray which I bought too–nothing. I have them coming out this Friday to see if they can do a better job than I can. While I love the look, I do not love the marks. It is ridiculous that they don’t sell this with a warning. I probably would have bought corian instead if I had known.

    • Is that a high gloss or matte finish? I don’t have issues with those types of marks on my white Caesarstone. I did have a chip, however, and they sent a rep from the company — not a retailer — to repair it. I’d recommend contacting the manufacturer of your product and see if they can help. Good luck.

  5. We’re building a new house and are looking at the countertops you have for our kitchen. Love it, AND your tile backsplash. Where did you get the tiles?

  6. I’ve had very little response from the Caesarstone company, which is pretty poor customer service. I would probably get something other than
    the white knowing what I know now. The shine is dull around the sink area and I’ve had my counter for only two years.

  7. Hi – I also have a caeserstone countertop and I’ve noticed some yellow stains around the sink area. Any advice on how to get rid of these stains? I’m not sure if it’s soap residue or water stains.

  8. Hi, Saira. I’m at a loss about those stains, because I have that too, and it’s lime buildup. If I use Lime Away, I will most certainly remove the sheen from my countertops, but it’s been awhile since that area has gleamed anyway. Sorry!

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