American Vignette: My Plateau




My dear friend Susan Lerner emailed me that Dinty Moore over at Brevity posted something about a call for submissions. Specifically, she wrote:

I’m thinking a CO piece from you is in order…

So I followed her link and found that Andrea Reads America is calling for American vignettes. Lerner knows me and how I feel about Colorado, the state where I spent 13 life-changing years, and she knows I’m stumbling around a new-job-post-MFA haze. She knows that such an assignment will kick me into gear, and for this one I had to find just the right 1000 words to lop off to meet the “fewer than 800 words” limit. [If you don’t have a Susan Lerner, you need one. Everyone needs a Susan Lerner.]* This one’s for you, Sus.

“My Plateau”

Uhm. Oh wait. I just realized I’m not ready to put this out there, at least not on my blog. As transparent as some of my posts seem to be, I really reserve The Most Intensely Personal pieces I write for other uses. How does that make sense? This calls for a meditative blog post on the topic of What’s Too Personal To Share On My Blog?

As for my American Vignette, which I’d be happy to see on Andrea’s lovely blog or in another lit mag, here’s the gist sans gory details: I miss Montrose, Colorado.

But. You should submit to Andrea Reads America. I did.


*Susan Lerner wrote Reflections on a Friend’s Suicide, published in Word Riot. Isn’t it a stunner?

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